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ISA Brown Pullets

Isa Brown Chicken, Sydney HISTORY
  • Size: 2-2.5kg
  • Rarity: Common
  • Purpose: Egg Production
  • Medium
  • 300+ Eggs Average Annually
ISA Browns are an incredibly popular chicken choice and that is mainly because they are the producers of the big brown eggs that you buy in the supermarket shelves. We think that ISA Browns have a place in a backyard flock as they should give you eggs year round while your pure breeds are molting or going broody.
They are wonderfully low maintenance and adapt easily to various climates and surroundings. Being the prolific egg-layers that they are though, these gals may need some supplemental protein due to the fact that their bodies convert the protein from their feed into egg producing fuel and thus, their lovely feathers will need some protein TLC. Early maturation allows these chickens to begin laying anywhere from sixteen weeks to twenty-two weeks of age versus the point of lay of other breeds which can be up to twenty-four weeks or even longer. Purchasing ISA Brown Chickens at point of lay is a wise decision and a great place to start whether you are a veteran or a new chicken keeper looking for an egg-cellent, highly reliable laying hen.
We have been able to purchase some POL genuine ISA Browns who are vaccinated. You cannot breed an ISA Brown - it is a highly protected secret what crosses of birds are used to create them. These ladies will lay close to an egg a day for approximately 2 years. They need to eat high protein feed to achieve that, at least 16 percent.
If you purchase a pure breed chicken, she will give you less eggs per year, but more eggs in total over her lifespan and live longer.
ISA Brown's are cheaper bird to purchase but they have a significantly reduced life expectancy compared to a healthy pure breed chicken – this may be because of the high egg production bred into these chickens.
They are vaccinated and available all year round as point of lays 18 weeks old
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 Posted on : August 25, 2018