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173 Whitmore Road Maraylya NSW 2765

At Evans Chickens we are ‘egg-cited’ about all things poultry

We specialize in: heritage breed hens & roosters, egg laying hybrid chickens, fertilized eggs, day-old chicks, chicken feed, poultry accessories feeders and drinkers and more! Call us prior to visiting to make an appointment 0407 659 927.



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At Evans Chickens we are ‘egg-cited’ about all things poultry!

 We are a family business that love to share our knowledge & passion with you. We can help you with all your backyard poultry needs.

We are seeing an lot of interest and calls from families wanting to keep chickens. Most have fond memories of when they were kids and their parents or grandparents had chickens in the back yard.

Plymouth Rock Rooster and hens

Everyday we talk to people looking to keep chickens and asking questions on how to go about it. Some just can’t quite remember the process and need a little refreshing; many are starting out and needing a little reassurance and advice. All want to produce their own fresh tasting food and recycle their scraps and create a little peck of kindness for their children along the way.

Eggs from backyard chickens are different from those bought at the store (even the free range ones). The fresh yolks are tastier and deeper in colour, thanks to the hens access to greens, not to mention bugs and other goodies they snatch up in their foraging.

Free Range Australorp Chickens

They keep pest populations down. Turning the chickens loose in the veggie
patch is an organic way to clean it up and prevent pests from surviving over winter.

Caring about chooks, their health and happiness, is very important to us at Evans Chickens. We are located at Maraylya, NSW. Please call before visiting to make sure we are about to help.

We are one of Sydney’s poultry providers in things related to backyard poultry & have our own hatchery breeding many heritage chicken breeds. Check our page on breeds we keep .

We offer personalised service and vaccinate all our chicks.

We specialize in:

Free Range Light Sussex
Free Range Light Sussex
  • Egg Laying Chickens
  • Heritage Breed Hens
  • Fertilized Eggs
  • Day-old chicks
  • Poultry accessories feeders and drinkers
  • Chicken feed,
  • Natural health poultry products, pest control & lice protection for your chooks and more!