Black Hybrid Australorps

Black Hybrid Australorps

Black Hybrid Australorp is an Australorp- cross which produces a very good layer. These birds are distinguished from the pure Australorps by their medium size, some red feathering around the neck and a red (not black) eye.

Hybrid hens are absolute egg laying machines! You will already have heard of the famous Isa Brown and these hybrid Australorps are kind of their cousins. Hybrid chicken breeds are developed through careful scientific breeding and selection. The resulting chicken means that they are absolutely outstanding egg layers. The black hybrid Australorp is a very good layer, who produces approximated 290-300 eggs in their first year of laying.

The average Black Hybrid Australorp will give you a large, cream to light brown egg nearly every day. They are also extremely docile, and can get by with comparatively little space and feed.

They do make a great family pet with their calm and friendly temperament. They are not at all flighty and are not known to go broody. They lay from 19 weeks of age for 2-3 years and are fully vaccinated. With their black sheen and red fleck in their feathers they are a great addition to a backyard coup.

They are vaccinated and available all year round as point of lays 18 weeks old.

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