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April 1, 2020 | Latest News | No Comments

To confirm availability please Call or Text (+61 407 659927). This page is updated regularly. Please bring a suitable box or pet carrier to transport your chickens home. We accept cash, EFTPOS or credit card (2% surcharge).

Point of Lay Hybrids (16-20 weeks)-onset of lay 20 weeks*


Chicken Supplier for Sale at Evans Chickens
We have all supplies needed for chickens except the coop.

If you have contacted us via text and are on our lists we have stock arriving APRIL 8TH & 16TH – WE WILL SEND YOU A TEXT MESSAGE TO ARRANGE AN APPOINTMENT FOR COLLECTION BY ONE MEMBER OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD

Hybrid White Leghorn Pullets -SOLD OUT

Hybrid Australorp Pullets -SOLD OUT

Pure Breed Pullets – onset of lay is 24 weeks old*

16 WEEK Old Pullets-  Pure Breed Light sussex Vaccinated for Mareks, Fowl Pox, MG & Coryza $70 LIMITED STOCK

13 WEEK Old Pullets-  Pure Breed Australorp or Light sussex or Vaccinated for Mareks, Fowl Pox, MG & Coryza $60 AVAILABLE APRIL 3RD & 13 WEEK OLD ON APRIL 3RD THESE NEED TO BE IN THEIR OWN PEN TIL 18 WEEKS OLD AND ON GROWER FEED 20KG FOR $30.

11 WEEK Old Pullets-  Pure Breed Australorp or Light sussex or Barred Rock, Vaccinated for Mareks, Fowl Pox, MG & Coryza SOLD OUT

Eggs & Roosters

Fertile Pure Breed Black Australorp Eggs $7 / egg including postage (min 6) or $55 / dozen pickup WAITLIST

Fertile Pure Breed Barred Plymouth Rock Eggs $7 / egg including postage (min 6) or $55 / dozen pickup WAITLIST

Fertile Pure Breed Light Sussex Eggs AVAILABLE IN SPRING

Roosters – Light Sussex $60-$100, Australorp $60-$100 & Barred Rock $60-$100

*Onset of lay for pullets is dependent on correct feed, sunlight access and a stress free environment.

At Evans Chickens we have been in the business of supplying chickens for your backyard for many years . In the last few weeks we have seen unprecedented demand for backyard chickens and have been working hard to supply our customers. We have been overwhelmed with calls and texts, please be patient and if you are on our waiting list please send of a follow up text. We have plenty of stock of feed and chicken accessories.

We stock all items for chickens except their coop.

We are now asking that customers come to our business by appointment only. Please contact us via text to book an appointment. We ask that only 1 member of your household get out of the vehicle and that our customers respect the social distance requirements. We believe that it is important protect all of our health when at our property and we sanitize all of our equipment between customers.

Hybrid Laying Hens

We are currently sold out of our hybrid stock. We have been working close with our suppliers and we have got planned arrivals of new stock for the following dates –

24 th of April: Hyline Brown layers (like the isa brown). These are $30 each and 16-18 weeks old. More stock is coming April 24th and if you would like to be on the wait list for April 24th send a text with April 24th as the first words.

We have a delivery April 8th & April 18th and if you are on our wait list, we will be in contact or text us April 6th to confirm collection time. If you are on our waiting list please follow up with us closer to April 6th. We will be in contact with you about collection of your layers – please bring a box or pet carrier and we will have feed available.

Barred Rock Pullets
Barred Rock Pullets

Pure Breed Chickens: We have some stock growing up and will complete vaccinations prior to April 3rd. We will then post numbers available here on our web site. Breeds that are growing are light sussex, barred rock & australorps. When these are collected we are going to also sell you some grower pellets, 20kg for $27, so that they can continue to grow and make a smooth transition to your house. These chickens need a separate pen from your existing flock until they are 18 week olds

Light Sussex
Australorp Pullets

Whilst we have always practiced farm bio-security, times have changed and so have we. We have been registered with DPI for some years & as a result we have upped our bio-security to comply the NSW DPI Salmonella Enteritidis Control Order. Whilst we have never had any report-able diseases on the property, we have taken these measures to keep it that way. This means that visitors may only be in designated areas and we ask for peoples co-operation with this.

2019-2020 have been challenging to all of us on many fronts – heat, fire, drought, flood and now possible isolation. Take time to enjoy your day and may your chickens give you hours of delight as you watch their “chicken tv” and their antics.

Re-chickening Lord Howe Island

February 29, 2020 | Latest News | No Comments

We have supplied chickens to Lord Howe Island after the chickens on the island where removed as part of the rodent eradication program.

Our chickens have become the islands newest residents and will be the producers of the islands eggs for the next few years. Interestingly there are no foxes or predator mammals on the island so the girls should live a sweet life.

Waiting for our flight…..

We were chosen to supply Lord Howe Island as we could meet their requirements of vaccination, disease free and parasite free pullets and were able to safely deliver them to their flight from Port Macquarie to the Lord Howe. The pilot of Eastern Air did a great job of flying them at low altitude but was a little put off by their aroma after 2 hours in the cabin with them.

We hope to get some pictures of the ladies in their new home and will share with you when we receive them.

Poultry Workshop

December 15, 2019 | Latest News | No Comments

Evans Chickens are presenting a Poultry Keeping Workshop March 27th, 2020 in conjunction with Greater Sydney Local Land Services.

The workshop will cover the following topics:
• Housing and nesting
• Chicks and roosters and how to manage them
• Pest control and general care
• Feed and nutrition
• Biosecurity (Health and Disease)- GSLLS Vet on hand
• Live handling of poultry and pest treatment
When: March 27 2020 12pm – 3pm (lunch included)
Where: Greater Sydney Demonstration Farm – 40 Edwards Road, Richmond
Cost: $85 per person
Places are limited so register early.

We are now carrying a range of treadle feeders to help you combat rodents accessing your chicken food. These metal treadle feeders come in 3 sizes – 5kg, 10kg & 20kg and start at $80.


Your chickens will need a week or so of training to use the feeders but then these feeder will reduce the number of rodents using your chicken pen as a snack bar.


Assembled for your convenience. Contact us to purchase.



Isa Browns  or Hyline Browns  are an incredibly popular chicken choice and that is mainly because they are the producers of the big brown eggs that your buy in the supermarket . We think thay have a place in a backyard flock as they should give you eggs year round while your pure breeds are molting of going broody.

We have been able to purchase some POL genuine  Hyline Browns who are vaccinated and have a full beak. You cannot breed an Isa Brown or Hyline Brown – it is a highly protected secret what crosses of birds are used to create them. These ladies will lay close to an egg a day for approximately 2 or 3 years. They need to eat high protein feed to achieve that, at least 16 percent.

If you purchase a pure breed chicken, she will give you less eggs per year, but more eggs in total over her lifespan and live longer.

Hyline Brown Chicken, Sydney
Hyline Brown Chicken, Sydney

ISA Brown’s  or Hyline Browns are cheaper birds to purchase but they may have a significantly reduced life expectancy compared to a healthy pure breed chicken – this may be because of the high egg production bred into these chickens.

Give us a call 0407 659 927 if you would like to purchase a few of these pullets.


Once every three months we recommend that you worm your chickens. We have made available Levamisole Poultry Wormer in the handy size of 2.5 grams for $6 (including postage).

The night before you want to worm your chickens, you need to take away all of their water sources about an hour before sunset so the next morning they wake up thirsty.

The following morning you mix the 2.5g of levamisole  into 4 L water. You then need to give this to your chickens to drink as their only water for the next 6 hours. This is more than enough for 20 chickens. After 6 hours or after they have consumed all of the mixture, you then need to clean out the water container and give them fresh water. They do not need to consumer all of the mixture.

We do not recommend worming on a day where the temperature is excessive or raining.

The great thing about Levamisole is that it has no egg withholding period and is made for poultry. If you use other products check to see if  they are approved for chickens or if there is an egg withholding period for the product.

Please contact us if you would like to order some levamisole concentrate:

Just Arrived – Chicken Bling

April 3, 2018 | Latest News | No Comments

We have just received our new chicken leg bands – BLING!









An easy way for you to tell your flock apart. We have them for handsome roosters and hens.  Best for adult birds as they young are still growing.

We have many styles and colours available. $1 per leg band and charm.

If you would like them mailed to you then postage is $2 for up to 6 leg bands = $8 for 6