In Stock Now – Current Available Chickens

Chicken Supplier for Sale at Evans Chickens
We have all supplies needed for chickens except the coop.

To confirm availability please Call or Text (+61 407 659927). This page is updated regularly. Please bring a suitable box or pet carrier to transport your chickens home. We accept cash, EFTPOS or credit card (1% surcharge).

We are asking customers to check in on the Service NSW application, only one customer exit the vehicle and to wear a mask as per the current COVID regulations. STOCK PICKUP BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please text name and quantity required to schedule an appointment to collect. Delivery is available to some areas for a fee. Please text us with your address and requirements and we will be in touch.

Point of Lay Hybrids (16-20 weeks)-onset of lay 20 weeks*

Hyline Brown or Isa Brown Pullets – $35 each. Limited number available. Fully vaccinated. Please text name and quantity required to schedule an appointment to collect.

Day Old hybrid sexed chicks $15 each avaiable September 22nd . Vaccinated for mareks and fowl pox. Black, white or brown available. These will need a brooder and heat for the next 6 weeks.

Pure Breed Pullets** – onset of lay approximately 24 Weeks* (pullets will require their own pen separate from mature flock until they are at least 18 Weeks) AVAILABLE IN:

Day Old pure breed sexed chicks $35 each Hatching September 28th. Vaccinated for mareks. Light sussex, australorp and dark barred plymouth rock available. These will need a brooder and heat for the next 6 weeks.

Week Old pure breed sexed chicks $37 each Hatched September 13th. Vaccinated for mareks. Light sussex, australorp and dark barred plymouth rock limited numbers available.These will need a brooder and heat for the next 5 weeks.

Three Week Old Sexed Pure Breed Chicks Hatched August 31st. Vaccinated for mareks & fowl pox. Black australorp $42 cream legbar (blue egg layer) $50. These will need a brooder and heat for the next 2 weeks.

Young australorp & light sussex pullets

Five Week Old Sexed Pure Breed Australorp Chicks $47 each Hatched August 17th. Vaccinated for mareks & fowl pox. These will need a brooder and heat for the next 1 week.

Older or More Mature Stock in Pure Breeds is currently sold out.

Eggs & Roosters

Fertile Pure Breed Black Australorp Eggs $100 / dozen including express postage & packaging (eggsafe crate) or $60 / dozen pickup

Fertile Pure Breed Dark Barred Plymouth Rock Eggs $100 / dozen including express postage & packaging (eggsafe crate) or $60 / dozen pickup LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE

Fertile Pure Breed Light Sussex Eggs Eggs $100 / dozen including express postage & packaging (eggsafe crate – or $60 / dozen pickup LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE

Roosters – Light Sussex $60-$100, Australorp $60-$100 & Barred Rock $60-$100 CONTACT US

*Onset of lay for pullets is dependent on correct feed, sunlight access and a stress free environment.

**Pullet Guarantee:  If you purchase a professionally sexed pullet from us and it turns out to be a rooster, we will offer you a credit or refund of your purchase price on return of the healthy rooster to us. Sometimes we may be able swap for a pullet but this is at our discretion and stock availability.

Spring Clean Pack

We are offering our customers a special pack for the health and wellbeing of their chickens, the price includes postage anywhere in Australia so if Australia Post delivers to your area we can send it to you…..

Every three months you need to thoroughly clean your chicken’s house and worm and de-lice your chickens. Both of these products have nil egg withholding (eating the eggs does not need to stop) and giving your flock a worm and lice treatment could kick them into laying after their winter break.

$41 Starter Pack Includes Postage:

3.2G Levamisole Wormer (will treat up to 50 chickens for all internal worms except tapeworm) & 400g Poultry Dust (to treat external lice and mites on poultry)

Add: 100mL Anitone multi-vitamin & 50mL Maldison 50 (to spray in cracks in corner of the coop) $40 = $71

Open during NSW Covid Lockdown August 2021

Light Sussex in sun wearing an human mask incorrectly.
How not to wear a mask.

During this NSW lockdown our thoughts are with the businesses forced to close and individuals impacted by the closures.

As we are agricultural , we are permitted to be open. We are open Monday – Saturday by appointment. Masks and QR check in are required.

We have egg laying hens, feed, supplies, eggs and pest control items. Contactless pickup is available and we can deliver locally (within 15km) Please stay safe.

Wyandottes – our newest breed

Thanks to a dear friend for my birthday gift of some beautiful gold laced wyandottes.

We will add these ladies eggs to our incubator and hope to be able to offer them for sale to our customers.

Stay tuned.

2021 Hawkesbury Show

Great results for Evans Chickens at the 2021 Hawkesbury Show. We took first & second place in light sussex cockerell (male) & pullet (female), first & second place in dark barred plymouth rock cockerell (male) & pullet (female) as well as best in breed, and second & third in australorp cockerell (male)

We also received first & third place for our eggs.

I had fun sewing some recycled bags and was honoured to receive 2nd place.

And for fun Ruby’s display.

Day Old Hybrid Female Laying Chicks Now Available

Day old Isa brown chicks available pick up Maraylya NW Sydney from today June 16th. Vaccinated for mareks and fowl pox.  We also have day old hybrid white Leghorns $20 and black hybrid australorps $20. We sell chick feed, feeders, waterers, shavings  and supplies for chickens. We also have brooders and heat lamps for sale or hire. Contact us for details 0407659927

Isa Brown Chicks
Hybrid Australorp Chicks
White Hybrid Leghorn Chicks

Lice & Mites


Lice eggs on feather shaft
Lice and Eggs on White Chicken Vent

‘Mallophaga’.  Lice are light sensitive and scurry away when the feathers are parted. Young lice are pin head size and white, while adult lice are usually a brown colour.

Areas to look for lice are under the wing, around the parsons nose and around the feathers below the cloaca. Lice are transmitted between birds by direct contact. There is no part of the life cycle away from the birds. Eggs hatch within a few days, and the eggs are usually visible in chronic infections as fans of eggs, particularly under the wing.


Red mites on Metal Chicken Pen
Red Mites on Australorp Chickens

are also known as red, grey, and roost mites.  They can live in the human home.  They can also lead to anaemia, causing pale wattle and combs.  Sometimes chickens will refuse to lay in nesting boxes infested with mites.  They easily kill young chickens and broody hens.  As they are nocturnal, you will not find them on your chickens during the day.  Instead, during daylight hours, they hide in the nooks and crannies of your coop.  Once laid, they grow to adulthood by day 10.  They can live in a vacant chicken coop for up to 5 months.  They use poultry as a mobile cafeteria and suck blood during the nights, so they are not usually visible during the day time. These poultry mites are pin sized.

Red Mites on Wooden Perch

Pure Breeds in Autumn & Winter

Australorps on Grass, Maraylya NSW Evans Chickens

Here at Evans Chickens we have families of pure breed Australorp, Light Sussex and Dark Barred Plymouth Rocks chickens who are enjoying the grass that has grown after the recent rain. Many of our chickens have or are in the process of molting and as a result are not laying any eggs – all of their energy is being put into growing feathers and restocking vitamins in their bodies for the coming breeding season.

Light Sussex on Grass in Maraylya NSW Australia
Light Sussex

Some of the young pullets that we kept from this year are just beginning to lay, but this is mainly the Australorp pullets. The Light Sussex and Barred Rock breeds seem to be very influenced by diminished daylight hours and as a result we are seeing maybe one barred rock egg a day and no light sussex eggs.

Barred Rock Hens in Molt
Barred Rock Hens in Molt

As a result we are not currently incubating as we are not collecting enough eggs to justify the cost of running the incubators, brooders and purchasing vaccines (which usually is a minimum quantity of 1000 doses). Hopefully by July we can again fill the incubator and have some chicks available for purchase.

We are missing the opportunity to enter the agricultural shows this year as some of our birds are looking magnificent. COVID-19 has certainly had an effect on our lives – seems that everyone has finally had time to put in the chook house that they where always going to build.

Evans Chickens, CO-VID 19 & Chicken Availability Update

At Evans Chickens we have been in the business of supplying chickens for your backyard for many years . In the last few months we have seen unprecedented demand for backyard chickens and have been working hard to supply our customers. We have had many calls and texts, please be patient and if you are on our waiting list please send of a follow up text if you have not heard back from us. We have plenty of stock of feed and chicken accessories.

We stock all items for chickens except their coop.

We are now asking that customers come to our business by appointment only. Please contact us via text to book an appointment. We ask that only 1 member of your household get out of the vehicle and that our customers respect the social distance requirements. We believe that it is important protect all of our health when at our property and we sanitize all of our equipment between customers.

Hybrid Laying Hens

We are currently sold out of our hybrid stock. We have been working close with our suppliers and we have got planned arrivals of new stock for the following dates –

8th May: Isa Brown Pullets. These are $33 each and 16-18 weeks old. More stock is coming May 8th and if you would like to be on the wait list for May 8th send a text with May 8th as the first words.

We will be in contact with you about collection of your layers – please bring a box or pet carrier and we will have feed available.

Barred Rock Pullets
Barred Rock Pullets

Pure Breed Chickens: SOLD OUT UNTIL SPRING – Maybe a few breeding trios in light sussex and australorps available in a few weeks $300-$500 CONTACT US FOR DETAILS

Light Sussex
Australorp Pullets

Whilst we have always practiced farm bio-security, times have changed and so have we. We have been registered with DPI for some years & as a result we have upped our bio-security to comply the NSW DPI Salmonella Enteritidis Control Order. Whilst we have never had any report-able diseases on the property, we have taken these measures to keep it that way. This means that visitors may only be in designated areas and we ask for peoples co-operation with this.

2019-2020 have been challenging to all of us on many fronts – heat, fire, drought, flood and now possible isolation. Take time to enjoy your day and may your chickens give you hours of delight as you watch their “chicken tv” and their antics.

Re-chickening Lord Howe Island

We have supplied chickens to Lord Howe Island after the chickens on the island where removed as part of the rodent eradication program.

Our chickens have become the islands newest residents and will be the producers of the islands eggs for the next few years. Interestingly there are no foxes or predator mammals on the island so the girls should live a sweet life.

Waiting for our flight…..

We were chosen to supply Lord Howe Island as we could meet their requirements of vaccination, disease free and parasite free pullets and were able to safely deliver them to their flight from Port Macquarie to the Lord Howe. The pilot of Eastern Air did a great job of flying them at low altitude but was a little put off by their aroma after 2 hours in the cabin with them.

We hope to get some pictures of the ladies in their new home and will share with you when we receive them.