Chick Brooder Rent or Buy

Evans Chickens offer a brooder pack. The brooder pack is ideal for young chicks (between 0 and 8 weeks old) as they are require to be kept warm with heat and be protected from the weather for their first 6-8 weeks of life. The brooder pack can either be rented for a maximum of 8 weeks or can be purchased outright. The brooder cage will need to be in a laundry, garage or lounge room where the temperature is stable and not draughty.

chicken brooder on stand

The Brooder Pack includes the following items that must be returned if rented:

  • Chick cage & optional stand (suitable for up 2-8 chicks) .
  • Heat lamp holder.
  • Chick feeder and block.
  • Chick waterer and block.

Consumables included in the brooder pack :

  • 2 x 75w heat lamp.
  • 14kg Pine shavings.
  • 10kg Medicated starter crumble (extra feed is available at an additional cost if required).
  • 15mL Baycox (Coccidiosis medication).
  • Printed Care Instructions
chicken brooder on stand with chicken feed

Rent or buy the brooder pack for $320. Chick cost is in addition to the brooder and we can customize the pack if required. Best to check our page for chick availability – sexed chicks may be available in both hybrid & pure breeds and unsexed chicks in pure breeds.

If you decide to rent the brooder pack, it is rented out for a maximum of 8 weeks. If all items are returned within the 8 week time frame in a clean and good condition you will receive a $120 refund, that is our rental agreement. Items not returned in time or damaged are deducted from your refund. (Chick stand & cage, feeder waterer, 2x blocks and the heat lamp holder) If the brooder pack items are not returned after 8 weeks the refund is forfeited.

If you have any more questions about the Brooder Pack, please message us on +61 407 659 927 or email us at