Zeabait Chicken Friendly Rodenticide

Includes bonus mouse bait station $40 plus postage. (while stock lasts)


Zeabait Naturals Rodenticides range (rat and mouse bait)
Formulated from all natural ingredients.
Safe for Children, domestic Pets, native animals, and the environment.
Effectively kills rats and mice by causing dehydration. Only effects rodents.
Reduces smell from decomposing rodents.

Christmas Ideas…..

We have available some beautiful hybrid & pure breed chickens for giving this Christmas if you would like to add to your flock, start a flock or gift someone. We sell all the supplies that you would need for your chickens (except the coop) and are about in the next few weeks to help.

Also available we have a great range of egg baskets and egg spirals. Priced between $12-$50 these are great gift idea for the chicken enthusiast in your life.

Stocking items for only $2 each and we can post…..

Meet Loppsey

Loppsey was attacked by a fox the other night and her right wing was ripped from her body. Amazingly she survived.


After some vet work she is on the mend.[hr]








We have made her special coat to protect her stump. Now we are waiting for her to start laying.  Seems that the attack has delayed her a little.

Black Hybrid Australorp

Black Hybrid Australorps now available and for sale at Evans Chickens.

Check out our page with all the information about the breed: [buttonibt url=”http://evanschickens.com.au/black-hybrid-australorp/” size=”md” style=”default”]Hybrid Australorps[/buttonibt]