How to worm your chickens.

Lice can irritate and bite chickens.

Red mites suck the blood of chickens (and sometimes you).

Worms take the nutrient from your chickens, cause blood loss, anemia and sometimes kill.

All of these pests irritate, cause them discomfort and sometimes premature death of your chicken flock. Many unknown ailments in chickens that can be helped or cured by a good worm and lice treatment. Evans Chickens suggest that you do this every 3-4 months along with a complete pen clean. Read our separate post on lice & mite treatments.

Evans Chickens has available for sale various products to treat your flock for worms, lice and mites. All these products are approved for use on poultry and have no egg withholding period, so you can still eat your delicious eggs while looking after your flock. Sometimes other people promote the use of off label items to worm your chickens. We see no need when there are approved poultry wormers available.


is an in water wormer – Effective treatment for Ascaridia galli (intestinal round worm), Heterakis gallinae (duodenum round worm) and Capillaria obsignata (intestinal round worm. Chickens need to have water withheld overnight and then this be their only drinking water for 6 hours. Chickens can resist this product as they get older as it has a bitter taste. Evans Chickens has this product in powdered form which is a cost effective wormer as we don’t sell you the water. We can mail this to your for around $10 for up to 50 chickens or less if you pickup. This is the active ingredient in Kilverm and Sykes Big L Wormer for Poultry & Pigs.


is an in-feed wormer which contains flubendazole, a broad-spectrum benzimidazole anthelmintic which can be used as an aid in the control of sensitive strains of the most important gastrointestinal worm species that commonly occur in chickens. This wormer has recently been approved for use in Australia, but has been used in Europe for some time. Flubenol treats roundworms Ascaridia galli, Heterakis gallinarum, Capillaria spp., and tapeworms (the only approved product that treats tapeworm ) (Raillietina sp.). Chickens are feed as only feed for 7 consecutive days.

We only sell flubenol premixed into our feeds that we sell in 5kg $15 or 10kg bags $25. We figure that most mature chickens eat about 1kg per week so you will need 5kg for a flock of 5 and shelf life of the mixed product is 6 months. We find that this is the easiest method to worm your chickens as it is simply in their food and they happily peck away. This product is mainly used on commercial chicken farms.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

In terms of its worming capabilities, apple cider vinegar acts as a mild antiseptic and also a mild antibiotic. Apple cider vinegar will kill some bacteria and germs, and deter worms from making a home in your chickens. Again, it’s not a 100% guaranteed treatment, but still beneficial to feed to your chickens.

Worming your chickens on a regular basis will improve the life of your chickens.

Using a poultry approved product is easy and simple. Please do not worm your chickens with cattle, sheep or ornamental bird products. It makes no sense to us to keep chickens for eggs and then to potentially have to throw away their eggs for 2 or more weeks because the product you have just used to worm or lice treat them can carry thru to their eggs. Companies invest large amounts of research into appropriate products for egg producing chickens. Just remember that what your chicken eats, goes into their eggs and ultimately you, if you consume them.