Evans Chickens, CO-VID 19 & Chicken Availability Update

At Evans Chickens we have been in the business of supplying chickens for your backyard for many years . In the last few months we have seen unprecedented demand for backyard chickens and have been working hard to supply our customers. We have had many calls and texts, please be patient and if you are on our waiting list please send of a follow up text if you have not heard back from us. We have plenty of stock of feed and chicken accessories.

We stock all items for chickens except their coop.

We are now asking that customers come to our business by appointment only. Please contact us via text to book an appointment. We ask that only 1 member of your household get out of the vehicle and that our customers respect the social distance requirements. We believe that it is important protect all of our health when at our property and we sanitize all of our equipment between customers.

Hybrid Laying Hens

We are currently sold out of our hybrid stock. We have been working close with our suppliers and we have got planned arrivals of new stock for the following dates –

8th May: Isa Brown Pullets. These are $33 each and 16-18 weeks old. More stock is coming May 8th and if you would like to be on the wait list for May 8th send a text with May 8th as the first words.

We will be in contact with you about collection of your layers – please bring a box or pet carrier and we will have feed available.

Barred Rock Pullets
Barred Rock Pullets

Pure Breed Chickens: SOLD OUT UNTIL SPRING – Maybe a few breeding trios in light sussex and australorps available in a few weeks $300-$500 CONTACT US FOR DETAILS

Light Sussex
Australorp Pullets

Whilst we have always practiced farm bio-security, times have changed and so have we. We have been registered with DPI for some years & as a result we have upped our bio-security to comply the NSW DPI Salmonella Enteritidis Control Order. Whilst we have never had any report-able diseases on the property, we have taken these measures to keep it that way. This means that visitors may only be in designated areas and we ask for peoples co-operation with this.

2019-2020 have been challenging to all of us on many fronts – heat, fire, drought, flood and now possible isolation. Take time to enjoy your day and may your chickens give you hours of delight as you watch their “chicken tv” and their antics.