Spring Clean Pack

We are offering our customers a special pack for the health and wellbeing of their chickens, the price includes postage anywhere in Australia so if Australia Post delivers to your area we can send it to you…..

Every three months you need to thoroughly clean your chicken’s house and worm and de-lice your chickens. Both of these products have nil egg withholding (eating the eggs does not need to stop) and giving your flock a worm and lice treatment could kick them into laying after their winter break.

$41 Starter Pack Includes Postage:

3.2G Levamisole Wormer (will treat up to 50 chickens for all internal worms except tapeworm) & 400g Poultry Dust (to treat external lice and mites on poultry)

Add: 100mL Anitone multi-vitamin & 50mL Maldison 50 (to spray in cracks in corner of the coop) $40 = $71