Re-chickening Lord Howe Island

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Re-chickening Lord Howe Island

February 29, 2020 | Latest News | No Comments

We have supplied chickens to Lord Howe Island after the chickens on the island where removed as part of the rodent eradication program.

Our chickens have become the islands newest residents and will be the producers of the islands eggs for the next few years. Interestingly there are no foxes or predator mammals on the island so the girls should live a sweet life.

Waiting for our flight…..

We were chosen to supply Lord Howe Island as we could meet their requirements of vaccination, disease free and parasite free pullets and were able to safely deliver them to their flight from Port Macquarie to the Lord Howe. The pilot of Eastern Air did a great job of flying them at low altitude but was a little put off by their aroma after 2 hours in the cabin with them.

We hope to get some pictures of the ladies in their new home and will share with you when we receive them.

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