Hyline Browns – Excellent Layers

Believe it or not, the Hyline Brown is not only extremely friendly but one of the best laying breeds in the world.

It’s easy to fall in love with the friendly nature of Hyline’s and their endless curiosity. Hylines are a willing and robust companion for small children too and will often squat to be picked up.

But where did she come from?

The Hyline first emerged about 90 years ago in Iowa, USA. She is the brainchild of egg farmers looking for a breed that would meet the needs of a growing population. In Australia SBA owns the licence to breed the Hyline Brown and they do an excellent job.

It is said that Hylines are a protected blend of prized reliable layers, respectively the Rhode Island Red and New Hampshire. This extraordinary bird is thanks largely to science and breeding for desirable qualities.

As a result, here is a hen that if fed a high-grade diet, will give you an egg a day for almost 2 years! Amazingly, (because she doesn’t normally go into moult or go broody) it’s possible for her to continue supplying eggs for up to 5 years.

What’s more, thanks to the quality assurance methods in place for breeding, she’s better equipped to cope with many of the common poultry ailments. Therefore, with your daily loving care, it’d be a rare trip to the vet for any of these girls.

But in your own backyard terms, that means more eggs per box of feed compared to other breeds. Keep up her 16% or 17% protein feed and reap the benefits.

Plenty in stock and ready for you to start your journey with backyard chickens or to add to your flock. Contact us today to make an appointment to collect some Hylines.