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Isa Brown Pullets – Now Available at Evans Chickens

Isa Browns are an incredibly popular chicken choice and that is mainly because they are the producers of the big brown eggs that your buy in the supermarket shelves. We think that Isa Browns have a place in a backyard flock as they should give you eggs year round while your pure breeds are molting […]

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Just Arrived – Chicken Bling

We have just received our new chicken leg bands – BLING!                 An easy way for you to tell your flock apart. We have them for handsome roosters and hens.  Best for adult birds as they young are still growing. We have many styles and colours available. $1 […]

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How many nesting boxes do I need?

Trust me, the hens can share. You don’t need a box for each chicken. And even if you did, you would find that they would probably all use the same box anyway, We find that one nesting box for every six hens works great. These Australorps are proving that in a single nesting box you […]

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Spring Poultry Supplies

We are all stocked and ready to go for spring. Let us know if you would like to come by for supplies. We accept cash, credit card or EFT.  Remember to dust and worm your chickens once a quarter to keep them in prime condition. Contact us for our latest price list.

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Chicken Training 101

Hi Joanne, just wanted to share this little video with you. They chase the ball better than my golden retrievers, haha. The Sussex is extremely cheeky and is into everything. She jumps fences, pecks at your feet, jumps in trees and runs towards you when she sees you. They both sit at the back door […]

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Champion Castle Hill Show 2017

    Evans Chicken’s Australorp Pullet is Show Champion of Castle Hill Show 2017.  She also won Champion SF Large Fowl & Best of Breed Australorp.   We also won Best of Breed for our Sussex Pullet. Overall 4 ribbons, 7 first and 4 seconds.

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How to Trim a Chicken’s Wing

Some breeds Of chickens are more flighty than others. To hinder them flying it is possible to trim their wing. ONLY TRIM ONE WING PER BIRD! First have someone hold the chicken for you with the wing out stretched. Look for the primary feathers. Trim them about 5 to 7 cm – remember that wings […]

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